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ailebrae Irish Wolfhounds


Bailebrea Cavaliers

Pronounced "Bail - Bray" Cavaliers

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

"a gathering of the finest quality"
Established 1977

Enlarge Photo

Maria Theresa Grotano and some of our girls in their "au natural" look!. From left to right they are: . Millennium Magyk (sits alone on chair), Ribbons N Pearls (on my lap) Francine, Tri Bekka, Valentina, Nutmeg (ruby). [This image is a trademark of renowned photographer David Dalton, who uses natural settings and lighting in his work.]
Home of Bailebrae Cavaliers near Lodi/Woodbridge, California 

Our Irish Wolfhound  GUARDIANS  at  BAILEBRAE   !!

Going back in time

Old Friends: TRI BEKKA and ALEXANDRIA 2014

God knew that mankind would need someone to help us get through this life on earth thus He gave us an animal that does not care where you came from, were you are going, how much money you make, how you dress, what kind of car you drive, how you look, what you eat or drink, or how old you are. Someone who will sleep in a castle or the in the street just to be by your side.

God created the DOG.

A creature He deemed so faithful, loving & forgiving that He gave it His name spelled backwards

~ Anonymous author

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